Dee Thornton - DEM Challenger

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $208,013

Cash on Hand ($): $39,976

% of the total DEM $ Raised: 100%

Cash on Hand v. Opponent (%):

Race: Black


Dee has said, “I’m running because I believe that a Representative should represent their district, not the highest bidder.” Born in South Fulton, TN Dee was part of the early wave of elementary school children who desegregated schools in Tennessee. Her parents were civic minded and politically active, their activism fueled by the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. She later earned a basketball scholarship at the University of Louisville. Upon graduation, she began her first job at Xerox where she worked for 30 years retiring early as a Xerox executive and consultant. It was through Xerox that she moved to Indiana. While working full time and raising her family, she earned an MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University. She and her husband have lived for 26 years in Carmel, Indiana. They have three grown children.