Sara Dady - DEM Challenger

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $377,288

Cash on Hand ($): $0

% of the total DEM $ Raised: 100%

Cash on Hand v. Opponent (%):


Sara, native of Rockford, married with children, an immigration lawyer, was shocked by her mother’sdeath. Her mother, uninsured, could not get an MRI. Sara, living in Minnesota and unaware of thecircumstances, determined to move back to Rockford to honor her mother and bring up her childrenthere attending the same schools and working on 4-H projects like she had done. She naturally wasdrawn to immigration law and built her practice in her living room to the biggest firm west of Chicago.She wants to lead on what is right and lead her district to resist the election of division over unity,intolerance over common decency and personal gain over public service.