Lisa Ring - DEM Challenger

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $224,120

Cash on Hand ($): $18,145

% of the total DEM $ Raised: 100%

Cash on Hand v. Opponent (%):


Lisa says, “I am a mother of four, a military spouse, a military mom, and a former corrections officer... I am the new face of politics. I know what is to struggle… have had bankruptcies, car repossession, foreclosure, and eviction. I’ve received food assistance and free medical care for my children. Some people are quick to blame victims for their situations; I say that’s ridiculous.”  She attended Temple University in the architecture program but did not earn a degree until she returned to school as an adult and mother of three children. In 2003, she graduated from Moravian College summa cum laude with a degree in history and philosophy, and was the recipient of numerous academic grants and scholarships. She has been a former Security Officer, and a former Correctional Officer at Lehigh County Prison (PA). She served as the former Executive Director of the Allentown Day Reporting Center, Partnership with Pennsylvania Probation and Parole to reduce recidivism for state parolees. Ring has worked as an activist for the past three decades, and she organized the Bryan County Democratic Committee a year and half ago. She also serves as vice chair of the Georgia Rural Democratic Council. She was a Sanders Delegate to the DNC and Co-Chair of the Georgia Sanders Delegation.