Kyle Horton - DEM Challenger

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $874,356

Cash on Hand ($): $1,329

% of the total DEM $ Raised: 100%

Cash on Hand v. Opponent (%):


As a physician Horton said. “It’s important to me that on both of the House side many of the healthcare discussions were behind closed doors and all men,” “On Senate side, it was 16 men and so it’s important I’m a woman, but especially a physician who has both public and private sector experience.”. Kyle Horton is an internal medicine doctor with a business degree. Dr. Kyle comes from a working-class family. She graduated from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and received her medical degree from Wright State University. She has been an advocate for veteran health care since she served as a doctor for Veteran Affairs. She saw that VA facilities have seen a 50-percent rise in patient visits over the past decade, though only a 10-percent increase in doctors and nurses. She brings to the table a history of bipartisan leadership on issues of healthcare, clean water, and wage fairness.