Karen Mccormick - DEM Challenger

Financial Strength

Raised ($): $918,808

Cash on Hand ($): $23,200

% of the total DEM $ Raised: 100%

Cash on Hand v. Opponent (%):


Karen McCormick has lived in Longmont over 22 years. She is a veterinarian who has owned and managed a veterinary hospital in Boulder. Three key issues for Karen are: making healthcare affordable and accessible, as other industrialized nations have done; common sense gun safety; and clean air, clean water and clean energy.Karen started her veterinary career at the University of Florida, before settling in Colorado. Volunteer work has been an important part of her service to the community. She has been a board member in Project V.E.T.S, a non-profit dedicated to saving one animal at a time. She was also a board member for Vidas, a non-profit that holds large scale spay and neuter clinics and educational outreach in Mexico. She is currently a volunteer English language teacher for a non-profit located in Boulder County. She is a communications coach in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University.The daughter of a Rear Admiral, Karen is married to a native Coloradan small business owner. They have three daughters. Relocating every year or two as a child gave Karen an invaluable education and an appreciation of so much of our great country.