Who We Are

Elect435 is founded by a team of concerned citizens turned activists after the 2016 elections.  We met through grass roots groups popping up in our communites and concluded that if we truly wanted to improve the quality of government, we needed to change who represented us in Congress.  We are researchers and analysts by training, so we researched candidates, not just in our own district, but across the country, and created tools to analyze races and candidates.  We used these to help our groups select candidates to support and we decided we should make these tools and data available for everyone.  We are united in the fervant desire to restore our democracy by building 21st century tools to educate and enable citizens about the candidates that will represent all of us.

How it works

Want to change congress?  Doing all you can in your own district and want to have wider reach?  This site is made for you. This is your "one stop shop" to find congressional candidates you love!  Here you can easily identify candidates that support issues you care about (and are running against incumbents that don't), that have the financial strength and a district profile to make them real contenders.  We make the search process as easy as finding an airline flight.  We give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.  Build a portfolio of candidates (akin to a stock portfolio), support your candidates financially and through volunteering and rejoice in November when we have a congress that better reflects our values and interests.