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Out to make history

According to recent estimates, women make up just 20 percent of Congress. Gina Ortiz Jones is out to make history. As the Democratic candidate for Texas’ 23rd congressional district, she is going up against two-term Republican incumbent Will Hurd in the November midterm elections.


Ortiz Jones served her country as an intelligence officer in the United States Air Force.  “working in national security for 14 years, both in and out of uniform, was certainly informative. As an intelligence analyst, I would always be thinking, ‘What assumptions are being made right now? What biases are happening? Who am I not hearing from?’” Of the 36 people representing the Lone Star state in Congress right now, only three are women. If she wins, Gina Ortiz Jones will become the first Iraq War veteran, first Filipina-American and first out-lesbian to represent Texas in Congress. Support Gina and help turn Texas, and the country, around.

Gina Jones (TX23)
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